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An Irish Summer – from May/June droughts to deluges in July and August

WE’VE officially said goodbye to our meteorological summer of 2023 on Thursday last – the final day in August – and f...

January brought us a wet start but a very dry ending

TO borrow from the old match cliché, January – from a weather viewpoint – was a real month of two halves. We took ...

Month of the big freeze and late downpours

IT mightn’t have broken any records but December 2022 will be remembered for the ‘big freeze’ that lasted for almost ...

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Council ‘must show more grit’ as people confined to homes

The current Arctic snap is causing some elderly people to become prisoners in their homes as they fear venturing out on lethal footpaths. Fianna...

Forecasters predict a second cold snap

A brief reprieve from sub-zero temperatures may be on the way this weekend, but frosty weather could make a return as early as next Tuesday. The...

Wettest October since 1995 leaves us with swollen rivers and waterlogged countryside

GALWAY experienced its wettest October in 27-years with the rainfall figure for the county coming in at around the eight inches mark. Ground co...


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An Irish Summer – from May/June droughts to deluges in July and August
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