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Gluas to get back on track

Advocates of a very light rail system for Galway are pushing to get the Gluas project back on track – as part of the ...

Campaign for light rail intensifies as gridlock doubles in six years

Motorists in the city are sitting for four days or 94 hours a year in traffic gridlock – more than double what it was...

‘Rapid response system’ could tackle traffic chaos

The painful effects of ‘crippling traffic snarl ups’ could be dulled by the response of a ‘rapid response system’. ...

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Epidemic of motorists running red lights in Galway city

Motorists routinely run red lights in the city, a survey by this newspaper suggests. The Galway City Tribune witnessed 26 instances of motorists...

Public urged to get involved in measuring traffic pollution

The EPA is recruiting 500 citizen scientists to help measure traffic-related air pollution across Galway City. It comes as the Environmental Pro...

Galway the butt of traffic jokes

When people mention that they are living in Galway City, it becomes the butt of a joke because of the chronic traffic situation, the Dáil has heard...


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Gluas to get back on track
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