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Students left with no option but to rent sub-standard accommodation

Locked kitchens after 10pm; a curfew on microwave usage; and early kickout times on a Friday. Those are just some of ...

Accommodation battle takes its toll on ‘drained’ students

Students are being left “physically and emotionally drained” as they search in vain for accommodation in Galway. A...

College students lose small fortune in rental scam

Con artists have their sights fixed on desperate students who are scrambling to find accommodation in Galway City’s d...

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Student accommodation scheme for €13.75 million

A student apartment development in the city centre – which offers more than 100 bed spaces – has come on the market with a €13.75m price tag. ‘R...

Key tips for students seeking accommodation in Galway

SPONSORED CONTENT Finding the right place to live is crucial to a happy university experience. University of Galway are there to offer support a...

Accommodation-seeking students face into perfect storm

The accommodation crisis in Galway city has deepened in recent weeks as students scramble for a bed – and Ukrainian refugees fear losing out on the...


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Students left with no option but to rent sub-standard accommodation
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