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Chief Supt warns of ‘riot’ danger of seizing drink on streets

Garda Chief Superintendent, Tom Curley, predicts a riot if Galway Gardaí confiscate alcohol from students in the city late at night. Chief Supt Curley said...

Gardaí have no notebooks to impose street drinking fines

Galway Gardaí haven’t issued any fines for breaches of new street-boozing laws – because they don’t have the proper notebooks. Six months ago, a bye-law...

Street drinking ‘out of control’ in Galway

Drinking on the streets of Galway has spiralled out of control and the Gardaí were doing nothing to curb it despite the introduction of...

Garda chief says street drinking ban is not enforceable

An outright ban on consumption of alcohol in public spaces in the city is “unenforceable”, according to Galway’s top cop. Chief Superintendent Tom Curley has...

New bye-law to curb public drinking with on-spot fines

A new bye-law – giving community wardens and Gardaí the power to confiscate alcohol from people drinking in public – has been published by...

Street drinking could cost you €1,500 under new bye-laws

Visitors and locals alike could end up forking out up to €1,500 if caught drinking outside a designated licensed area by a community warden...


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