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Gaeltacht community’s cry – let us live where we’re from!

By Donncha Ó hÉallaithe A Conamara-born physiotherapist who returned to home after several years in Australia coul...

Galway is only building half the houses it needs

GALWAY is building less than half the number of housing units it requires each year, resulting in major staffing issu...

Owners won’t pay levy on sites that will never be given green light for housing

A local Councillor has expressed his fear that the amount of land zoned for residential purposes across the county is...

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Ukrainian crisis exposes chasms in housing crisis

World of Politics with Harry McGee It’s now 25 years ago since I first reported on the tensions associated with people arriving to reside in Ire...

Local Property Tax set for 15% hike in County Galway

Galway County Councillors are bracing themselves for a major backlash from the public – as they get set to vote for a 15% increase in the Local Pro...


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Gaeltacht community’s cry – let us live where we’re from!
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