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Fears grow 2020 will not meet criteria for €1.5m EU fund

GALWAY 2020 could struggle to meet all five criteria set by the European Commission before it is eligible to draw down €1.5 million in...

Election on the way no matter what the fall-out from Brexit

World of Politics with Harry McGee – harrymcgee@gmail.com It seems like a broken record at this stage – but clearly this has been another seismic...

Galway is tops in Europe for creativity and culture

Galway has come top of the class in a new European Union initiative which aims to benchmark the performance of European cities with their...

SAC designation move following EU legal threat

Following the threat of legal action from Europe, the final step in the formal designation of Galway’s Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) has begun. From...

Brexit allows us to re-assess our own rapport with EU

World of Politics with Harry McGee – harrymcgee@gmail.com One of my vivid memories of the 1980s is an IDA advert trying to entice foreign multinational...

Brexit doesn’t matter in a post-democratic world

Brexit? We naturally dislike being wrong, but as I saw my youthful dreams of a united strong and friendly Europe becoming defiled, demeaned and dashed...


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