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Religion and dog poetry in my own loo library!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Don’t want to put you off your cuppa by describing in any detail my deliberations and deliveries on the loo,...

Being slagged in public is the greatest honour !

I’ve been lucky enough to live in many English speaking countries, yet the friendships I’ve forged while living in Ireland are matched only by...

You can only drive 100 kph around dangerous bends !

Double Vision with Charlie Adley If you were there I feel your pain. By now you too will have received your letter from the...

While making a living I found out I had a life...

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’ve just discovered that my life’s better than I thought it was!  Armed with thumb tacks, Blu-Tak and knee...

Learn how to use the tools of the craft of writing

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It was the most bizarre coincidence. The acclaimed Israeli writer Iris Leal had somehow found her way into my...

The night and day are at last one again – Hallelujah!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley And so, the night and day are one again. Hallelujah! Growing up in London I was aware of the...


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