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Chief Supt Gerry Roche

Garda crackdown nabs over 200 drug dealers

Additional Garda resources dedicated to drug raids had led to the arrest of 200 dealers across Galway so far this yea...

Travelling dealers setting up pop-up drug shops

Travelling drug lords are visiting Galway for a few days at a time and setting up virtual mobile cocaine and cannabis...

Cloud over Headford after fatal crash

GALWAY’S most senior Garda has asked parents and road users to prioritise safety in the wake of the Headford road tra...

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Cocaine use is endemic right across the county

GALWAY now has one of the biggest Garda drugs’ units across the country in a bid to tackle what has been described this week as widespread cocaine ...

Garda Chief’s plea to stop carnage on Galway’s roads

GALWAY'S most senior Garda officer has this week made a heartfelt appeal for all road users to ‘take a time out’ and to review their whole approach...


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Garda crackdown nabs over 200 drug dealers
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