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Art has its special place in every era

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Magic moments don’t come often in life, so when the memory of one rises, I indulge myself in the glory...

Another Galway summer stuffed with success!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Buster he sold the heat … with a rock steady be-eat …” High above me, pumping out of the tannoy...

My water use built a pyramid of empty bottles

The most astonishing thing about this long hot summer is how well the rest of the natural world has survived, compared to us. How...

Does Galway need to be Capital of Culture?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I was updating my friend Whispering Blue on the latest predictable controversy raging around Galway City’s 2020 award. “Ah don’t talk...

Days when the universe wants nothing from us!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’ve temporarily transported myself to a house atop a mighty hill, high above Lacken Bay, north Co. Mayo. Beyond the...

Single moment which changes all our lives

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It’s that moment which comes when you’re 37, sitting at the breakfast table. It comes when you’re 17, talking on...


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