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Aborting peaceful protest sets dangerous precedent

Introducing exclusion or safe access zones outside clinics where abortions are held is a well-intentioned but misguided proposal. Bradley Bytes - A Sort of Political...

Referendum ensures all has changed – utterly and forever

World of Politics with Harry McGee – harrymcgee@gmail.com The result of the abortion referendum was like the classic closing line of a Frank O’Connor short...

Galway constituencies record ‘Yes’ vote on 8th Amendment

Galway Bay fm - All three Galway constituencies recorded a Yes vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment. Galway West recorded the highest Yes...

Early tallies show strong ‘Yes’ vote in Galway

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Counting is underway in the abortion referendum with the first ballot boxes open around the country. Exit polls have suggested...

Either way, referendum will throw up a different reality

World of Politics with Harry McGee- harrymcgee@gmail.com By the time you read this, it will be almost over bar the shouting; and as you walk...

If fear is your only arsenal, you’ve lost already

Double Vision with Charlie Adley “Hi Dave. I want to write about the 8th, so I‘m checking with you about balance.” The Chief Editor rested his...


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