Supermac’s golden egg!

Poultry spend....Pat McDonagh at Supermac's in Eyre Square.
Poultry spend....Pat McDonagh at Supermac's in Eyre Square.

Supermac’s has announced that it is on target to spend upwards of €7 million on Irish poultry this year.

And the good news for Irish chicken farmers is that the family restaurants group M.D, Pat McDonagh expects that figure to increase again next year.

“We expect this figure to continue to increase year on year as the popularity of our fresh chicken sandwich and fresh chicken tenders range continues to grow,” Mr. McDonagh said.

“As part of our commitment to our fresh range we only serve 100% fresh, never-frozen, Irish chicken and beef. We are committed to continuing our ongoing support of Irish farmers and utilising Irish produce whenever possible.

“This is a very strong endorsement of the quality of Irish poultry on Irish farms and I am proud to serve it in each of our restaurants,” he said.

Speaking at the Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Co. Offaly on Wednesday Mr McDonagh said that the quality of product played a huge part in the company’s success.

“Frozen meat loses moisture and when you lose moisture you lose flavour. That’s why fresh never frozen is so important and why all our Fresh Range is cooked to order,” he said.

With its beef buy added on, Supermac’s annual commitment to Irish farmers has now reached in excess of €20 million per annum.

“We only use beef sourced from Irish Farmers,” Mr. McDonagh said. “Our 5oz burgers are made from prime cuts of beef and are cooked to order. This means that your burger or grilled chicken does not touch the grill until after you order. It is cooked fresh every time,” he said.

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