Study to look at future of Salthill Prom

A new study of the Prom area to be undertaken later this year will look at its usage over the coming decade and how it can cater for all users, according to a Galway senator.

Senator Fidelma Healy Eames told the Galway City Tribune that the study would be a welcome exercise in taking into account the ‘totality of needs’ for Prom users over the next decade.

“There is an added urgency to the study from the point of view of ensuring that there is no conflict between users and most importantly that older people are reassured that the Prom is safe for walking at all times,” she said.

The West Galway senator, said that she had spoken to the City Manager, Brendan McGrath, to outline the priorities for the Prom over the coming years.

“He said to me that he will take into account the totality of needs that apply to the Prom area such as walkers, bikers, skaters, dog walkers and young children,” said Senator Healy Eames.

She also said that with the first phase of the new Bike Rental Scheme due to start from July of this year, a comprehensive study and plan for the Prom was an important priority.

“The recent flooding, too, has shown the need for improved flood defences on the Prom. Estimated to cost to cost in the region of €3 million, this will also form an important and essential part of the study.

“The Prom is an unparalleled amenity space, loved and used by many people, at all times of day and night. It is also a key tourist attraction bringing a huge number of visitors into Salthill,” said the senator.

Earlier this year, NUI Galway Climatologist, Dr. Kieran Hickey warned that the raising of the Prom rock barrier by a half metre, would be needed to provide a reasonable level of protection as more severe storms seem set to hit our shores.

“It might seem ugly but we must look at barrier protection that can withstand the further Atlantic storms that will be coming our way over the coming years,” said Dr. Hickey.