Soulful singer Ciara Sidine follows her creative calling

Ciara Sidine, who will be showcasing songs from her two albums at the citys' Black Gate on February 22.
Ciara Sidine, who will be showcasing songs from her two albums at the citys' Black Gate on February 22.

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Dublin songwriter Ciara Sidine come to The Black Gate, Francis Street on Thursday, February 22.  Ciara released her second album Unbroken Line last year, a collection of soulful, bluesy, folky numbers, that came six years after her debut Shadow Road Rising.

Unbroken Line was described as ‘music for the long haul’ by the Irish Times, which gave it a four-star review. Meanwhile, Ciara’s website features a poem Joseph O’Connor wrote to commemorate the album’s release. How did an emerging songwriter get noticed by the acclaimed author of Star of the Sea?

“We know each other of old – my day job is as an editor and book publisher,” Ciara says. “I’ve known Joe for a long time. He’s a huge music head and he’s always been very interested in how my music career was developing. He was very encouraging when I was making the record. When it was completed, he came back with that poem.”

One of the album’s standout tracks is River Road, a song that brings to mind American singer Lucinda Williams. How did it come about?

“I journey to work along that road,” Ciara says. “It runs through Finglas. It’s part of the city where the city has encroached upon the country. There’s a lovely winding river, and the road is windy – you feel like you’re going into the countryside.

“I know that it’s a road where gangland can stuff can happen. It’s one of those quiet backwater places, or at least it was. It kind of stoked my imagination, thinking about the interplay between a place that almost has a countryside feel where you can imagine children playing and then the idea of not always knowing where life will take us.”

On Trouble Come Find Me, Ciara voices her support for the repeal of the Eight Amendment. She’s not sure how the wind will blow when it comes to the amendment regarding repeal, which is due to take place in May.

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