Škoda’s new compact SUV to hit showrooms in December

The new Škoda Karoq.
The new Škoda Karoq.

Yet another compact SUV will arrive on the market later this year. Hot on the heels of the impressive Kodiaq, Škoda have revealed more details about their new smaller compact SUV, the Škoda Karoq. It will make its debut in Irish showrooms this December.

With a plethora of models from every brand now crowding the market, it is difficult to determine the main differences between them. Škoda says that the Karoq offers exceptional space and functionality and is ideal for five people. Technology often distinguishes and this one is touted as including a digital information display and a new 1.5 TSI petrol engine that are featured for the first time in a Škoda

It will be a broad replica of the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Seat Ateca – both from the same stable – but price and additional features will be the deciding factors for potential byers. To that end, Škoda know that they will have to offer a different package while still maintaining the positive points attached to the other two.

Traditionally, Škoda offers three common specification levels; the entry Active version, the mid-level Ambition and the higher specified Style. In a controversial move, the entry Active version of the Karoq will not be offered, focusing instead on the Ambition and Style versions from launch.

This move has to be applauded to a certain degree as few buyers these days opt for the entry-level versions of any car as these are offered as a low price point model just to attract customers. However, when the deal is being done, that low price is seldom the real one because with today’s buyers are looking for more specification and this adds to what is essentially a promotional price.

Commenting on the decision, Cathal Kealey, PR and Sponsorship Manager at Škoda Ireland, said: “Across the Škoda range we are seeing more demand for higher specified models. For example, half of all Kodiaq sales are for the most highly specified Style versions, with only 2% of our customers selecting the entry Active model.

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