Sinn Féin councillor warns of terror threat to Galway

Sinn Féin has warned of a potential terrorist attack on Galway. One of the party’s local representatives has called on the authorities to carry out a risk assessment of the terror threat posed to the city’s public spaces.

Galway City Councillor Mark Lohan insisted he was not scaremongering when highlighting the potential of a planned attack by returning jihadis from Syria and Iraq or the risk of a ‘lone wolf’ strike.

Cllr Lohan has asked Galway Garda Chief Superintendent, Tom Curley, and Galway City Council Chief Executive, Brendan McGrath, to conduct a risk assessment of public spaces such as Eyre Square, Spanish Arch and other tourist hotspots.

In light of the recent terror attacks on Spain and London, the authorities in Dublin are conducting risk assessments.

This is despite assurances from Government that the threat to Ireland remains moderate with an attack possible but not likely. “Being prepared is being forewarned and a risk assessment will let us know potential weak points and likely response times should a possible, yet unlikely, attack occur in Galway,” said Cllr Lohan.

“When our Department of Foreign Affairs says an attack is possible and our Gardaí are concerned about returning Jihadi, when we see Dublin City carrying out risk assessments, it is only reasonable and prudent that we do the same here in Galway.

“I’m particularly interested in finding out the response times of our armed units and our emergency medical services, as I am fearful that the gaps we find may be potentially catastrophic. It is better to find that out now so that we can make corrective measures where necessary.”
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