Kenny’s State of the Nation allows him seven minutes of airtime without being interrupted

World of Politics with Harry McGee – A quiz to be held in about a month’s time. Question One: Where were you when 9/11 happened? Question Two: Where were you...

Rebel Keaveney may not be the last of the disenchanted to join the Soldiers...

World of Politics with Harry McGee – Colm Keaveney's decision to join Fianna Fáil last week was – to put it at its very mildest – took us all by surprise. The first...

‘Lobby fodder’ can still shine despite the frustrations of being on back benches

World of Politics with Harry McGee – A team wins the All Ireland and the captain goes up and says the cúpla focal and then thanks the sponsors and the doctor and the...

Gazing into the Christmas crystal ball to see who finds a Euro seat under...

World of Politics with Harry McGee – It’s that time of year again when the Christmas lights are switched on in Shop Street, that Ryan Tubridy hosts the annual toy show on the...

Economic recovery still the only yardstick by which voters measure Coalition success

World of Politics with Harry McGee – It might have been Bill Clinton who made the phrase famous – but it was his mercurial strategist James Carville who thought it up. "It's the...

Disappeared documentary shows Adams’ baggage is too much for Sinn Fein to bear

World of Politics with Harry McGee – The power of television to have a massive impact on the world of politics can never be underestimated. The Birmingham Six won their...


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