Government set to face its greatest test in tackling the mortgage crisis

Political World with Harry McGee - Some years ago, the UCD economist Morgan Kelly – the man who foresaw the crash of the property boom – made a new prediction. He said that...

Labour’s by-election disaster is a sign of tough times still to come

Political World with Harry McGee - There are lies, damn lies and by-elections – and in many ways, by- elections tell you very little about things that are to come. But conversely, they...

Maybe the Poll Tax was a good idea after all!

When I was a kid I used to leave the tap running while I brushed my teeth. Living in London in the 1960s, ecology was mere frogspawn struggling to hatch in the raging river...

Will exiting the bail-out really only amount to another trick of the light?

Will Ireland exit the bailout at the end of next year? In a way it's an academic question because even if the country exits the bailout….it won't exit the bailout.  ...

Political gatherings in the west prove stark reminder of contrasting fortunes

World of Politics with Harry McGee - Two parties held their party conferences last weekend – and both present pictures of deeply contrasting fortunes. One is on the rise. Another...

Shifting sands steer Fine Gael closer to ‘unthinkable’ Coalition with Fianna Fáil

The Fine Gaeler on the other end of telephone line said it was difficult, very difficult. The tone of the voice was one of deep frustration – you could visualise him throwing his hands...


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