Just where did it all go wrong for Sinn Féin?

World of Politics with Harry McGee So what went wrong with Sinn Féin – or has the party simply gone out of fashion?  It’s only five years ago that Sinn Féin was the party du...

Reliving the Ryan Line underlined what talent we lost

A Different View with Dave O'Connell It’s always a stupid thing to say when someone is dead – but Gerry Ryan was one of those people who was larger than life. And hearing his voice...

The Crowe flies in – despite leaflet drop!

Bradley Bytes a political column with Dara Bradley It was all go for Mike Crowe last week. As well as the small matter of a final canvass during the local election campaign, Fianna Fáil’s finest...

We’re all a blissful blend of everything

Double Vision with Charlie Adley When I realise I’ve been incredibly stupid, I become excited; all of a quiver. Neither a potato with legs nor a member of Mensa, I like to think I’m smart...
Dave O'Connell

Speed is fastest way to attract all the wrong sort of attention

A Different View with Dave O’Connell IT is childish and immature and nothing to gloat about – but when someone shoots past you on the motorway and three minutes later you see them pulled up...
Local triumph...Albert Dolan celebrates his success, winning a seat on Galway County Council at twenty years of age.

Elections hinged more on swings than roundabouts

World of Politics with Harry McGee – harrymcgee@gmail.com There were a couple of big swings in last week’s elections and they were not all for Maria Bailey’s delectation in the Dean Hotel. It left Fine...


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