Gerry, Galway is out west not sunny south east

Bradley Bytes – A sort of political column Gerry Adams raised the plight of a “Galway man” in Dáil Éireann recently. The Sinn Féin leader claimed the 102-years old deaf and...

Theatre fan Patrick set for biggest role to date

Patrick Lonergan was just 16 when he arrived into Galway, tired and hungry after finishing a charity walk from Dublin, and first laid eyes on the Galway Arts Festival. It was a sight for...

Look at Wayne Rooney! Oh no, do I have to

My good friend The Body takes much pleasure in trying to wind me up about the Irish names of English celebrities. “Take a look at your so-called English rock ‘n’ roll...

Ryan’s harsh dismissal leaves brave Dublin down and out

Inside Track with John McIntyre MOST of the time, neutrals don’t get the results they aspire to in sport. Last Sunday in Croke Park, for instance, virtually everybody outside of Cork would have been...

The difference between looking at something and actually seeing it

A Different View with Dave O'Connell It’s a thought that crosses my mind every time I see a group of tourists stopping in their tracks in the middle of town – does anyone actually...

Summer break offers Galway politicians a chance to take a good look at the...

World of Politics with Harry McGee – An observation was once made of the American novelist Carson McCullers that the best part of all her books were the titles: The Ballad of the...


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