Cars and technology show their strength in numbers

A Different View with Dave O’Connell There are many different ways in which we get hung up on numbers – did you ever, for example, wish a woman a happy fortieth and live to...

Constitutional Convention illustrates that ordinary citizens can play their part in the process...

Political World with Harry McGee I have to say I was sceptical about the notion of a citizens' assembly becoming part of official political discourse in Ireland. The idea is that rather than getting...

Bringing the past to life is Eithne’s passion

City Lives - Director of Galway Museum Eithne  Verling talks to Bernie Ní Fhlatharta For a woman whose work is based on the past, Eithne Verling has her eye very much on the future...

Droplets of bigotry turn into rivers of blood!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley In my mind I see a vast flood delta being fed by streams and rivers, small and vast, flowing thick with blood, bullets and bombs, propelled by bigotry and...

Overuse of cameras just another modern day menace

A Different View with Dave O’Connell If a wild man with blood on his hands and a knife and machete in his fist came up to you and asked you to film him on...

Waiting game still going on for Labour despite Spring Tides and Gilmore Gales

Political World with Harry McGee Eamon de Valera's famous remark from the 1930s that 'Labour Must Wait' has remained part of the political vernacular to the present day – and the three words have...


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