It’s the season of the magic blue and yellow can!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley My front gate is a pretty reliable indicator of how much rain there’s been. When it’s dry it works a treat, but as the weather becomes wetter the gate...

A tale of two Santas and bucketloads of Jewish generosity

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Snow was falling onto the sodium-lit London street outside my Rats Alley flat. The Winter of 1986 was so cold, the water in my loo froze over. All down...

Never judge a shopper by the brand name on their bags!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Walking down Dominick Street, I’m carrying a Marks & Spencer’s bag in one hand and a Lidl bag in the other. Make of me what you will, oh casual...

Return to Galway a culture shock of calmest kind!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley When I returned to Galway from California in 1999, I moved into a house on Grattan Road, overlooking South Park. Perfectly placed for my habits, if I turned right...

Cork’s corporate culture beats Manchester City!

The morning is truly splendid. A cold breeze cuts through the blue Yorkshire sky as my mate and I set out for a pootle. Turned out he hadn’t been putting on a brave face...

You think you’ve lost touch until life happens!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Got a text from my mate in Yorkshire. “Call me.” We’d almost lost touch. Back in the mid-80s, we’d been fairly inseparable, in what today they’d call a ‘bromance’....


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