Charlie Adley

Time to get over Thierry Henry’s hand ball!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Let’s make a deal, in an attempt to live in the present: if I don’t mention England’s World Cup victory in 1966, you’ll move on from Ireland’s Euro 88 victory...
Charlie Adley

I’ll miss the calm and colours of winter

Double Vision with Charlie Adley While you’re all doubtless excited about the arrival of spring next week, Lá Fhéile Bhríde, buds bulging and crocus bulbs bursting out of the ground, this contrary colyoomist will feel...
Charlie Adley

Writing all about having nothing to say

Double Vision with Charlie Adley “Howya Charlie!” “Well hello Seamus!” “You recognised my voice! Fair play to you!” “Well, you have a very, erm, how can I say, individual voice mate. What can I do for you? How...
Charlie Adley

Does Galway need to be Capital of Culture?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I was updating my friend Whispering Blue on the latest predictable controversy raging around Galway City’s 2020 award. “Ah don’t talk to me! Didn’t we lose the run of ourselves?” muttered...

Art has its special place in every era

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Magic moments don’t come often in life, so when the memory of one rises, I indulge myself in the glory of it. I was reading about how the students of...
Charlie Adley

All the time in the world for my lovely nieces!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley My nieces hold a very special place in my heart. To be honest, they’ve been a constant source of joy ever since they were born, and now, as Hayley turns...


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