Not perfect – but free healthcare is fantastic

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Friendly young Mr. Musculoskeletal Triage is talking me through me the X-Ray of my knee on his computer. He highlights and enlarges different sections, telling me how those spurs are...

My darkness has come to visit once again

Double Vision with Charlie Adley My friend, a previous editor of this newspaper, has done a runner. Up on stage in a packed arena, I’ve given him a high fallutin’ tootin’ introduction, but just as...

Film Fleadh just makes me movie-mad!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Summertime in Galway City slips up a gear or three next week with the arrival of the 31st   Galway Film Fleadh. Running from Tuesday to Sunday, the festival is packed...

Charisma doesn’t come with moral compass

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Charisma carries no moral code. It cares for neither colour, race, ideology nor creed. Only charisma can link Muhammad Ali, Adolf Hitler, Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher and Martin Luther...

Connacht’s mañana culture has been good for me!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley For decades I’d hitch everywhere. I hitched to the pub and school and friends’ houses. When those friends became scattered around the country in various universities,  I thought nothing of...

Time to break my spell of solitude

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The last four months of my life have been quite remarkable, in a very quiet way. At the end of January, when I moved into a house two miles outside...


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