Seven days to inspire fans worldwide

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I really enjoy your colyoom, except when you write about football.” They say, so if I do, I usually try to engage those soccer agnostics, by contriving newsworthy reasons to...

Blown away by the blizzards of spring

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The blizzards of spring are a wondrous thing, and only some are snow. On this hilltop, surrounded by trees, there’s one blizzard that runs year-long. I’ve lived on three farms...

Did the Irish give football to the English?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley While the FAI deal with a massive physical metamorphosis, with new bodies and attitudes replacing old, their equivalent across the Irish Sea is undergoing a struggle of an existential nature. Only...

Eir have my cash and I can’t get it back!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley If it has only happened to me then I’m just unlucky; if it’s happening to many of you, it’s what we might diplomatically describe as very troubling. After years of...

There’s more to Conneely than meets the eye!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Although others doubtless felt relief at the news of Pádraig Conneely’s retirement from politics, Double Vision lost one of its favourite foils. Over the last two decades, Podge and I...

I love spring – but sleep even more!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley That clock change couldn’t have come at a better time. Every year around now I start waking up ridiculously early. We’re not talking mere incremental minutes per week, but hours. I’ll...


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