All you want is a bit of craic and a drop o’liquid

Double Vision with Charlie Adley With the closure of the Westwood Hotel I feel I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. For me it has for years been the place for a ham and cheese...

Seeking a Gone Upriver state of mind!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’m not just bad. I’m doubly bad. Bad once, because for the second week I’m unable to write about anything beyond my tiny unwell existence. Bad twice, as this inadequacy...

Words change meaning as reality alters

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The man sitting here at his computer is not the same one that wrote this colyoom last week. That bloke could breathe through both nostrils and cough without having to...

Kindness and gratitude oil human hinges

Double Vision with Charlie Adley There are no more joyous words in the English language than “Thank you.” You’ve given a child a present and they just turn and walk away, leaving you standing there...

Rising rents will destroy this great city’s soul

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The Swiss couple next to me at PJ McDonagh’s are getting stuck into plates of oysters. Their tweenie son with a cheeky grin is watching me out of the corner...

You have to discover your own Galway

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Two pairs of friends are heading my way. One couple from England in a camper van, the other from California in a rental car, both arriving roughly the same time...


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