What do we ever truly wholly own?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley There are three cracks running from top to bottom on the inside of my Chelsea mug; against the white they look like long thick dark strands of hair. The base...

Your mission today – find a nun with a scythe!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The bloke on the radio is all excited about the EU decision to do away with moving the clocks twice a year. When he’s told that each country will choose...

I feel fear and wait for it to disappear

Double Vision with Charlie Adley A couple of weeks ago I described myself here as “twitching around like a post-traumatic fart in a colander.” I wish I hadn’t. Those souls who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress...

Hobson’s choice on Galway’s immoral dilemma

Double Vision with Charlie Adley What foul modern skulduggery is this?   I enter the hotel room to find myself confronted by a miniature model of an alien spacecraft. This sleek chrome and black construction is...

Only one of two can truly make me blue!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I remember the advice of Joël Francois, a gentleman and Martial Arts master based in Galway.  “We must be like a cane of bamboo, Charlie. When times are hard and...

It takes time to slow and see the world

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Standing outside my new house I look around and know the views are beautiful. I also know that at the moment I cannot perceive all that beauty.  As a writer...


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