What’s with this sudden surplus of serviettes?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Early Saturday morning and I’m sitting in the pub. Everyone needs a treat once in a while, and I make sure to enjoy my weekly cooked breakfast without guilt, much...

Poker chips and degradable plastic – a curious cocktail!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Come on. No good sitting here. Time to get cracking. If only I didn’t feel so lethargic. My body is telling me to rest and my mind isn’t exactly fighting...

Roll out red carpet for the DV Awards 2018!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Dwarlinks, Luvees, Lords and Ladies, adults and babies, busy and lazies, all are welcome to the award show that’s better than all the other award shows you’ve already forgotten. Live from...

Dumbo made us burn the Banker’s lawn

Double Vision with Charlie Adley A few whiskies by the fire has nurtured in me a yearning desire for the company of my lifetime friends. A doorway opens into the glittery mists of Christmas Past.      ...

Does the Irish winter create Irish writers?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Waking to the sound of rain hammering my bedroom windows, I turn on the lamp. 6:45. Above me the wind plays a violin concerto on the roof. After years in...

Enjoy local shops and stalls while we have them

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I forgot who I am and the family I come from. Beguiled by the supposed ease of gift shopping online, I ordered three DVDs from Amazon. After receiving the usual...


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