TALLIES: Carroll’s return to Athenry-Oranmore looks unlikely

The prospects of former county Mayor Liam Carroll making a return to politics are considered remote, with half of the boxes in the Athenry-Oranmore area tallied. The Oranmore boxes were first to be opened and...

FINAL TALLY: Independents shine in Athenry-Oranmore

All of the boxes have been tallied in the Athenry-Oranmore electoral area and it looks a good election for the Independents. The figures suggest that Independent candidates and outgoing councillors James Charity, Jim Cuddy and...

1st Count Athenry-Oranmore: Charity & Dolan elected

Albert Dolan became the youngest member of the new Galway County Council when he was elected - along with James Charity - on the first count for the Athenry-Oranmore LEA. The 20-year-old said he could...

2nd Count Athenry-Oranmore

The second count in the Athenry-Oranmore electoral area has been completed and it was the distribution of James Charity’s surplus after both he and Fianna Fáil’s Albert Dolan were elected on the first count...

Third and fourth counts Athenry-Oranmore LEA: Cuddy retains his seat

The third and fourth counts in the Athenry-Oranmore area have now been completed with Independent Jim Cuddy taking the third seat. Last night both James Charity (Ind) and Albert Dolan (FF) were elected on the...

Fifth Count Athenry-Oranmore LEA: O’Hara eliminated

By Declan Tierney The fifth count in the Athenry-Oranmore area has been completed but it hasn’t altered the situation as it was just the distribution of Jim Cuddy’s surplus of 65 votes. As it stands, three...


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