Sawdoctors ready to go back on the road

Back for more...Leo Moran and Davy Carton of the Sawdoctors.

The Sawdoctors are back – with Davy Carton and Leo Moran preparing to get out on the road for a series of concerts early next year!

The lead singer told The Connacht Tribune that he hopes to be back on tour early next year and said that his voice is in good shape. “It is the only job I know how to do so I have no plans to pack it in anytime soon,” he said.

The Sawdoctors have not played together for some time as Davy’s voice was the worst for wear – but he now says he is fighting fit again and is looking forward to getting back down to business.

His sidekick Leo Moran has been gigging with Padraic Stevens in the meantime and have brought out a number of albums as well as touring.

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