‘Rogue collector’ believed to be behind illegal waste

Some of the rubbish bags found in Ballybane.

Galway City Tribune – A local councillor’s examination of rubbish illegally dumped in the Ballybane area has revealed the names of 31 individuals with ‘material’ in the black bags – a number of them have addresses from other parts of the city.

Cllr Noel Larkin told the Galway City Tribune that last weekend, he and two of his friends, opened between 20 and 25 black bags of rubbish that were dumped beside the Ballybane Neighbourhood Centre.

“We did recover a lot of information in terms of names and addresses. In one instance, there was a full monthly bank statement for an individual, but what was surprising, was that a number of the addresses were not from the east side of the city.

“I would doubt very much if individual householders from the west side of the city are driving all the way over to Ballybane with their bags of rubbish, but what is more likely, is that they are availing of the services of a rogue collector.”
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