Restaurant closed for three days over dead insects and grime

Dead insects, flies, dirt, grime and mould – which all posed a risk of contamination to food – led to the enforced closure of the kitchen of Tigh Giblin restaurant in Spiddal for three days last month.

The HSE served the closure order on Eamon Giblin on December 15 to cease operating the kitchen and all food preparation and storage areas and lifted it on December 18, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

According to the HSE’s Environmental Health Service report, the poor standard of basic hygiene and cleanliness observed posed a risk of contamination to food prepared and stored on the premises.

The report found: “The premises was in a very dirty condition throughout. All areas of the premises where foodstuffs were stored, handled, prepared and cooked were observed to be in a dirty condition. The floor was dirty throughout the premises.

“Remnants of old flour was present on some areas of the floor. Grime was evident on the floor to wall junctions. Gaps in the floor were engrained with dirt in the vegetable store room.

“A thick accumulation of dirt and grease was evident on the wall and floor behind the cooking equipment. Mould growth was evident in the ceiling in the wash up area.

“The wall in the dry good store area was black with dirt. Skirting boards were covered in dirt and grime throughout the premises.

“Cobwebs and dead spiders were evident in the dry goods store. Sockets, light switches and electrical cables were coated with dirt and grime through the premises. The microwave unit located in the cooking area was in a very dirty condition.

“Knives present at the premises had been used and not cleaned and were coated with food remains. Probe thermometers at the premises were dirty and coated in food remains. A number of cooking vessels had not been effectively cleaned following use.

“Food contact equipment which had not been effectively cleaned posed a risk of contamination of food.

“Foodstuffs and ingredients were stored in dirty containers. Containers used for the storage of foods were covered in food remains.

“A live insect was present on containers used for the storage of rice. Dead insects were also present on the lid of this container. Dead insects and flies were evident in the area used for the storage of foodstuffs.

“Remnants of old food were present on surfaces where foods were stored but had not been cleaned up.

“Foodstuffs were stored in a manner which posed a risk of contamination of food,” the report reads.