Date Published: 28-Sep-2008

Residents in Old Mervue say they no longer trust any water supplied by the council.

The second temporary water supply was put in place yesterday, after the original source supplied by the council had to be shut off early saturday morning.

Tests taken on the original supply, showed a lead reading well in excess of 100, four times higher than the permitted level of 25 millograms.

The city council yesterday set up two water tankers in Old Mervue in an effort to make up for the emergency supply being contaminated, while bottled water continues to be sold locally at a subsidised price.

The two 3,000 litre tankers are both located in old mervue, one in Clark Avenue, and the other outside the main shopping centre.

The water in the tankers is not travelling through any pipes, but instead being filled manually with water from the water treatment plant in Terryland.

Despite this, the water in both tankers is barely being used by residents.

Mervue Resident Helena Farressy says that the only water she and other residents can trust now is bottled.