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Rescue plan on way for Mutton Island lighthouse


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Rescue plan on way for Mutton Island lighthouse Rescue plan on way for Mutton Island lighthouse

A plan to rescue Mutton Island Lighthouse will be drawn up by City Hall.

It comes as Galway City Council has confirmed that the ‘protected building’ has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Photographs published by the Galway City Tribune last month highlighted how bad the building had become.

Now, the City Council has confirmed it is considering its options to plot a future for the historically important structure.

A spokesperson confirmed its newly appointed Architectural Conservation Officer commenced work in April and inspected Mutton Island Lighthouse on May 9.

“It was noted that vandalism has resulted in damage to many areas of the structure, which has been compounded by the resulting exposure to wind and rain. As such, the structure at present was found to be in a state of disrepair,” Galway City Council said.

“The structure is of notable architectural and historical interest and will require extensive remedial works and security in order to safeguard it for future use.

“Discussions are ongoing within the City Council to identify the most appropriate measures and steps that could be taken, and to identify a sustainable future use of Mutton Island Lighthouse.

“Consultation on the future use of the lighthouse with relevant stakeholders will be central to identifying the most appropriate steps that should be taken,” it added.

Our photographs of Mutton Island Lighthouse showed the protected structure off the Claddagh in Galway Bay was suffering from neglect, including slates falling off the building’s roof; rusting railings; interior walls crumbling and cracking; broken windows; a damaged chimney; and collapsed ceilings.

In January 2021, the local authority said it would draw up a conservation plan for the lighthouse which was built in 1817.

That promise came after the City Council confirmed the building was damaged by vandalism during Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 when it was used for parties and targeted by thieves.

Pictured: Mutton Island lighthouse: rescue plan on the way.


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