Quiet Man railway station is back on track!

Ballyglunin statio: .target reached.

The magic figure has been reached. The organisers of a fundraising initiative to put a new roof on The Quiet Man railway station in Ballyglunin have achieved their target and now work will commence on this project as early as next month.

They set out over a month ago to raise €30,000 by the middle of this week as part of the overall Ballyglunin Restoration Fund but as of Wednesday, they had even exceeded this amount. Those behind the initiative are on a high.

And a donation in excess of around €3,500 from a Quiet Man fan living in the Canary Islands over the weekend certainly boosted the coffers and now work can commence on replacing the roof of the station which is in a very poor condition. There is an urgency to get it completed before the winter sets in.

Mark Gibson of the Ballyglunin Development Community Charity said that once the roof is completed then they will have to look at the further restoration of the station which will take considerably more money. “We have to keep looking forward,” he said.

Donations for the roof restoration of the station came from various parts of the world including America and Canada and this time last year they were a significant €10,000 short of their target but the donation from the Canaries proved a godsend.

“We are absolutely over the moon and we cannot thank people enough for the generous contributions and we must not forget the incredible local support that we received from groups who embarked on draws and raffles to boost the fund,” Mark Gibson added.

He said that in the meantime others have approached them willing to provide the insulation for the roof free of charge while another local business has offered to put in the water downpipes on the roof when it is completed. “It is amazing what people are willing to do,” he added.

Those who participated in the greenway walk in Tuam last weekend are also anxious that the Ballyglunin Railway Station is restored to its former glory as they hope that it will become part of a proposed walking and cycling route.

Alan McGrath of the Tuam Greenway Campaign, who are campaigning for a walking and cycling route from Tuam to Athenry along the old railway line said that having Ballyglunin Railway Station situated on the track would bring in thousands of visitors alone.

“We are delighted that they have achieved their target to complete the roof and we hope that the restoration works will continue at the railway station.

“In the meantime, we are continuing our campaign to have a greenway between Tuam and Athenry that would take in Ballyglunin and, if it happened, it would be a phenomenal facility,” Alan added.