Plans lodged for apartment blocks on Salthill site

A computer-generated image of how the apartment development in Salthill would look.

Plans have been lodged by a major local property developer to demolish a bungalow in Salthill to make way for the construction of 39 apartments.

Catena Property Company Ltd – which is owned by Tom McEvaddy Junior, formerly of Nexus Homes – has sought permission to demolish ‘Cova da Iria’, 105 Upper Salthill, a small bungalow on a half-acre site opposite the former Warwick Hotel.

The plans are for two blocks of apartments – one fronting onto Upper Salthill (Block B) and the other onto Toft Park (Block A).

Block A will be 6-8 storeys in height and will have 26 two-bed apartments and a three-bed penthouse, along with a community room, roof garden and patio at penthouse level.

Block B will be 3-4 storeys high and will have 11 one-bed apartments and a three-bed penthouse, along with a winter garden/balcony at penthouse level, as well as a concierge room.

The plans include new vehicular access from Upper Salthill Road, basement parking for 31 cars and 30 racks for bicycles. The proposals include solar panels at roof level and a rainwater harvesting system.

According to the planning application, at pre-planning meetings, the proposed scheme was agreed in principle and “deemed to be an appropriate use” of the site.

“The proposal represents an opportunity to redevelop and under-utilised infill and brownfield site. The subject site is zoned ‘residential’ and is fully serviced and is capable of accommodating higher density residential development at this appealing seafront location along a public transport corridor,” the application reads.

It also notes that the design has been ‘future-proofed’ so that it could facilitate redevelopment of a site next door – not in the applicant’s ownership – “to enable the completion of the streetscape at this location”.

According to the application, the fact that the site is located on the proposed high-frequency bus route under the Galway Transport Strategy, a reduced carparking requirement can be considered by the Council.

“Owing to the nature of the proposed higher-density apartment development, situated along a public transport corridor where a bus stop is located, a reduced carparking provision can be considered in this case.

“We consider that a relaxation of the carparking requirement can also be considered owing to the lower anticipated carparking demand from the 11 one-bed apartments, together with the spare carparking capacity experienced at the public carpark at Toft Park,” the application reads.

Toft Carpark and apartment blocks along Quincentennial Drive have flooded on several occasions in recent years.

“Although there is no history of flooding on site, the proposed development has been designed to ensure it is not vulnerable to flooding in the future,” the application reads.

According to plans, a Flood Risk Assessment for the area states that the risk of flooding is minimal and it is also predicted that the two proposed apartment blocks will not impact flood risk elsewhere in the area.

“Having regard to the height and character of development in the area, the infill and brownfield condition of the site, the seafront/parkland setting within the built environment of Salthill, the high quality nature of sustainable benefits of the proposed scheme, on serviced residential zoned lands along a public transport corridor, together with Government policy on apartments, housing and infill residential development, a grant of permission can be considered in this case,” the application reads.

The house was purchased in March of this year for €1.8 million, having gone to auction with a guide price of €1m.

A decision on the proposal is expected from City Hall at the beginning of January.