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Plans for new housing development in Oranmore


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Plans for new housing development in Oranmore Plans for new housing development in Oranmore

From the Galway City Tribune – Planning permission has been sought for the development of 14 residential units in Oranmore.

The development includes the construction of four two-bedroom apartments along with one-bedroom apartments and duplex accommodation units on Station Road across from Orantown Centre.

It is proposed to demolish an existing derelict dwelling and adjoining sheds to accommodate the development and a decision on the application is due in early February.

The application has been submitted to Galway County Council by Kenny Development Contracting Limited for the one-acre site.

Planning has also been applied for the upgrade of the access to the estate as well as access to the existing public sewers and the connection to all existing services.

Permission was also sought for the provision of car parking spaces and to upgrade the existing shared vehicular entrance at Mount Vernon, Station Road, Oranmore.

The one and a bit acre site is located at Station Road in Oranmore and is situated on a site measuring more than an acre in size.

It is sited within the mixed-use area of Orantown Centre Retail Development and is directly across from an established residential settlement area. It is located directly across an established residential settlement area in the village. The site contains an existing derelict detached dwelling and associated sheds which it is proposed to demolish as part of the construction works.

A Condition Survey Report has been prepared on the site which shows that the existing building is “unstable and unfeasible for restoration” and that demolition is recommended.

Existing constraints in the local area, and particularly with regard to flooding, means that this site is perhaps the last remaining development opportunity as one enters Oranmore from the Station Road direction. As a result, the opportunity to create a defined, compact gateway development to Oranmore Town Centre on Station Road is recognised, the application noted.

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