Plan to convert Warwick into nursing home hits a hurdle

An artist's impression of the proposed nursing home on the site of the former Warwick Hotel in Salthill.

City planners have ordered the backers of a proposed 60-bed nursing home on the site of the former Warwick Hotel to carry out a significant redesign of their plans.

Rushmany Nursing Home Ltd – which already operates Rushmore Nursing Home in Knocknacarra – applied for planning permission in October to build a four-storey, 60-bed nursing home, with surface carparking and a south-facing landscaped amenity area with outdoor seating on the three-quarter acre site in Lower Salthill.

However, planners have ordered a redesign, pointing out that the development would be in conflict with public health and safety, particularly in the context of fire safety and means of escape. The applicants were ordered to liaise with the Chief Fire Officer.

The Council also ordered a significant increase in the quantity and quality of open space provided.

“Given that the nature of the proposed use as a nursing home which can be a form of long-term residential accommodation, it is important that it is supported by adequate setting and amenity, particularly in the context of the nature of use where movement can be restricted and where wellbeing can be enhanced through provision of adequate amenity of a qualitative standard,” planners said, adding that the provision of outdoor recreational space at ground floor should be examined.

Planners said that under the current City Development Plan, 60 parking spaces would be required, but the applicant proposed 43 spaces. Therefore, they were ordered to look at a travel plan, because of the proximity to public transport, and to look at a redesign of the parking court, including a different surface material.
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