Patrick powers up for Citóg music showcase

Singer-songwriter Patrick Freeman.
Singer-songwriter Patrick Freeman.

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When you hear a good melody, it seems like it has always been there. Of course, it hasn’t been – it takes a fine songwriter to create one, and Patrick Freeman is one of those.  The Dublin-based singer plays the Citóg music showcase in Róisín Dubh on Wednesday next August 9.  Last year, Patrick released the sublime single, Power, a song that brings to mind the work of Electric Light Opera supremo Jeff Lynne.

“I can’t say I’m that familiar with all ELO’s work, but Jeff Lynne had a band before that called The Move, who were very cool,” says Patrick.  “But I definitely be into that kind of thing.  He was a solid songwriter. I mean sometimes the production was over the top, but it was nonetheless brilliant. The guy is a genius in the studio.”

Patrick released his debut album in 2015, having spent a few years playing as a session musician before that.  Why did he decide to pursue a solo career?

“Well, I always wrote songs and was in bands but I moved around a lot, so it was very difficult to keep a band together,” he explains. “At least with a solo project, I can’t break up!”

Earlier this year, Patrick played some dates in Scotland and New York and is happy with how they went.

“The Scottish tour was one of the few ones I’ve done where I actually came back with a few quid, he says.  “And I was born in New York, and lived there for a couple of years. So I try to get back once a year if I can – I’ve got family there, and friends. And I usually do a couple of shows while I’m there.”

On his most recent trip to Manhattan, Patrick played on the same bill as the sublime August Wells, who are led by the New York-based Dublin native Ken Griffin and who are no strangers to Galway.

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