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‘One-stop shop’ a must for city and county sports clubs


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

‘One-stop shop’ a must for city and county sports clubs ‘One-stop shop’ a must for city and county sports clubs

Galway’s local authorities must join forces to appoint a Sports Coordination and Relationship Manager, to ensure consistent support and a level playing field for all clubs across both the city and county.

This is the view of Galway City West Independent candidate Kenny Deery, who says sporting organisations are being “neglected and ignored” by the local authority.

“In the Galway West area alone, there are thousands of men, women and children who are engaged as playing members on a daily and weekly basis, across a whole variety of sports. Facilities are stretched, clubs are at breaking point, the population is continuing to grow, but the local authority seems to be closing its eyes to the situation,” said Mr Deery.

“The sporting organisations are frustrated with how they are being treated by the local authority. There is a huge problem with a lack of facilities and nobody is managing the relationship between the local authority and the clubs,” he added.

The Independent candidate pointed out that in several cases, clubs are straddling both the city and county, facing unnecessary difficulties due to the need to work with both the City and County Council.  “This is yet another compelling case for the amalgamation of the local authorities,” he said.

Taking the shared facility at Cappagh Park as an example, Mr Deery pointed out that clubs are unable to enjoy the maximum benefits due to restrictions imposed by the Council.

“Cappagh Park is run by the local authority and access is therefore restricted to the hours that the council can provide cover for.

“I was there on the Bank Holiday Monday this week and the gates to some of the pitches were padlocked. It’s a bizarre situation, when our local clubs are so desperately in need of additional facilities and resources.”

Creating a dedicated office to deal with sport was not without precedent: “Look at the Galway Culture Company, an office that was created by the local authority to support and promote Galway’s cultural sector.

“It has proven to be a huge success and is well worth the investment. Surely the promotion of lifelong sporting activity – whether it be at an elite, amateur or social level – is worth similar investment and focused attention,” Mr Deery added.

Pictured: Kenny Deery: sports clubs frustrated.

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