On camera: Civil defence rescue cattle from flooded farm

Members of Galway City Civil Defence involved in the rescue operation on the farm in Gort at the weekend. (Photo: Louise Curley)

Galway City Civil Defence were involved in the rescue of sixty cattle from a flooded farm in Gort yesterday.

In fact, the voluntary emergency service spent three days at the weekend rescuing livestock on farms around the county.

On Sunday, the group was involved in the rescue of sixty cattle from a shed surrounded by floodwater.

The Gort rescue was captured in these photographs by Louise Curley.

They have thanked local communities for the assistance in battling the floods over the past few weeks.

A spokesperson said: “We know at this stage that many people have seen numerous photos over the last three days from us rescuing livestock.

“We again just want to point out that none of this would have been possible without all the help we received from the local people.

“They arrived every morning with fishing boats, jet skis, sandwiches, tea, soup, rope, jeeps, trailers and that’s just a few bits to mention.

“At one stage there must have been over 20 people on the ground who all worked together like we were a bunch of friends!

“It was great to have the right equipment for the job and to be able to assist the local community no matter what the task may be!”