NUIG researchers find low levels of pesticide exposure among horticulture workers

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Researchers from NUI Galway have found low pesticide exposure levels among professional horticultural workers.
The School of Physics at the university analysed 200 urine samples and the contribution skin contact and inadvertent ingestion makes to a worker’s total exposure.
They collected wipe samples from horticultural workers’ hands, the area around their mouth, their mobile phones and vehicle steering wheels.
The analysis shows low glyphosate exposure levels, but skin contamination on workers’ hands is the most signficant form of exposure.
Glyphosate is the highest volume herbicide used globally to control the growth of weeds and invasive species of plants.
Dr. Marie Coggins from NUIG’s School of Physics says despite low levels of pesticide exposure, it’s stil vital to wear protective equipment.
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