NUIG project examines new approach to producing poetry

Galway Bay fm newsroom – NUI Galway is leading a project to examine an unconventional approach to producing poetry.

The project, called Eververse, is being launched today to mark Valentine’s Day and combines methods and tools from literary studies and computer science.

It aims to automatically generate poetry that corresponds to a person’s biometric data such as how fast their heart is beating and how deeply they are sleeping.

Eververse sends biometric data from a wearable fitness tracking device to a custom-built poetry generator which uses algorithms to generate and publish poetry in real time, and 24/7, on the Eververse website.

The form and content of the poetry is designed to change according to different physical sensations and experiences in the poet’s waking and sleeping life. Project leader and lecturer in English at NUI Galway, Dr Justin Tonra, will generate a year-long poem using his biometric data. To hear more tune in to The News@1 for Galway…