NUI Galway students claimin religious bias

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A group of student siblings at NUI Galway who allege religious discrimination are now asking the Oireachtas Justice Committee to investigate their issues.
It’s after Enoch, Isaac, Ammi and Kezia Burke were recently unsuccessful in taking a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission.
The four siblings, from Castlebar in Co. Mayo, allege that NUI Galway has ‘ignored or dismissed’ a range of concerns dating back to 2013.
Enoch, Isaac, Ammi and Kezia Burke claim Christian students were exposed to intimidation and harassment while participating in opposition campaigns to abortion and same-sex marriage.
It’s also claimed all four siblings were unfairly ‘disbarred for life’ from membership of all college societies by NUI Galway.
This unprecedented ban was issued over the alleged improper use of funding from the Christian Union Society – an allegation they deny and in turn claim is deliberate targetting due to the strong expression of their religious beliefs.
They took a case to the Workplace Relations Commission which was ultimately dismissed, partly on the basis that no case of discrimination, harassment or victimisation based on religion had been established.
The Burke siblings maintain that NUI Galway did not handle their case effectively – and also have concerns about the manner in which the WRC handled their case.
They’ve now delivered a detailed report to the Oireachtas Justice Committee – asking it to investigate their case and allegations of improper handling by the WRC.