Not so much a spanner in the Brexit works as whole toolbox

Order, order...House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in full flow.
Order, order...House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in full flow.

World of Politics with Harry McGee –

In the normal course of events, watching live coverage of parliamentary proceedings is up there with watching paint dry – and it’s usually strictly for political anoraks. That limits interest to the politicians themselves; those who work for them; those who have no choice but to look at it – as in, reporters – and insomniacs or people with no lives.

The latter two categories might well have a degree of overlap.

But then a funny thing happened last weekend. I was down in Westport on a family break and I heard the following conversation between two local Mayo men, one in his fifties the other in his late seventies.

The older man put on a hoarse baritone vote to say: “The Ayes to the Right and the Nos to the Left”.

“Ordah! Ordah”” proclaimed the other fellow before reeling out a couple of related words and phrases such as “the right honorable member”, “Bercow”, “May” and “Corbyn”.

Which only goes to show that – for all those who proclaim that they’re sick to the teeth of Brexit – there are others who are well up to speed with the spectacle.

And with that comes the questions; the most common one being: “What do you think is going to happen with Brexit?”

Here we are with just a week to go before the date on which Article 50 is triggered – and we know as much about what is going to happen as we did at any time over the past two and a half years.

Every week we have seen a dramatic turn of events in Westminster. Last week it was the second meaningful vote. This was on the withdrawal deal negotiated by May with the EU last November. The first meaningful vote saw it heavily defeated because of concerns over the backstop.

The DUP and the party-within-a-party, the European Research Group, voted against over fears that Britain would be forever locked into a backstop without an opportunity to ever escape.

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