‘No evidence’ for action over breath test scandal

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Chief Superintendent of Galway Garda Division said he has personally reviewed more than 100 recordings relating to breath tests in the division.

The review was undertaken in light of the fake breath test scandal which revealed that figures for breath tests had been inflated by up to two million across the country.

Chief Superintendent Tom Curley listened to 108 recordings which the Assistant Garda Commissioner flagged for the Galway division.

He told a meeting of the City Joint Policing Committee this week that he did not find any evidence for disciplinary or courts action.

The Chief Super said he recognised a weakness in the Dräger system for recording the presence of alcohol on someone’s breath back in 2014.

He began to implement a more precise system in Galway back then, prior to the scandal regarding breath tests emerging.

Councillor Padraig Conneely said the public want answers and he finds it ‘incredible’ that the Chief Super could not indicate if any fake breath tests happened in Galway.

More than 1,000 alcohol checkpoints have been carried out in the city in the first ten months of this year.

Chief Superintendent Tom Curley said he carried out a thorough investigation into the breath test incidents in Galway.