New specialist armed unit to tackle terror and organised crime

Members of the elite armed response unit (Photo: Garda Press Office)

A new Garda armed support unit could be up-and-running in Galway by the end of the year, as more resources are being deployed to deal with any potential terrorist threat.

As things stand, there are armed units for the Western Region based in Salthill and Claremorris, with the establishment of a third unit aimed at providing round-the-clock armed cover to deal with organised crime, dissident activity, possible terror threats and siege/hostage situations.

The establishment of the new units coincides with the establishment of a new Government Security Committee by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to prepare for, assess and manage potential security threats.

Over the coming weeks and months, Garda rank-and-file members will be given the opportunity to apply for selection in the armed units involving rigorous physical and psychological tests.

Galway Garda Chief Superintendent, Tom Curley, told the Galway City Tribune that the location of the new unit in the Western Region would be a matter for the Garda Commissioner and he welcomed the additional allocation of resources for Emergency Response Unit duties.

“The purpose of the additional units is to aim to provide round-the-clock cover to deal with possible terrorist threats, organised crime, siege and hostage, robberies or any similar emergency situation,” he said.
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