New Prius Plug-In sees Toyota remain to the forefront of growing hybrid market

The Prius Plug-In.
The Prius Plug-In.

Regular drivers won’t get a whole lot of satisfaction from the Prius Plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) but, for those with an eye on the environment and covering shorter commuter distances; there are a few good reasons to consider buying the latest version from Toyota.

Looking at the difference between a regular Prius hybrid and the Plug-in version, this is a car that you can add all-electric driving when the battery is fully charged and you don’t have far to go. This will give you approximately 50 kilometres without dipping into the petrol tank, and can be charged at fast-charge points and at home overnight or at the office when you are at work.

Toyota remains the recognised leader in the hybrid stakes, and while there are others challenging, they have the pedigree to keep the Prius at the front of the queue.

This one also looks better than what has come before, and while it only has seating for four, there is enough there to satisfy those not looking for a big saloon car.

The interior ambience is rather attractive too, and even if some of the added white panelling is a bit gimmicky, the overall layout and the comfort levels make it a good place to abide. Packed with the latest technology, connectivity and information displays, they have managed to come up with a futuristic cockpit and cabin area.

Voted the Irish Green Car of the Year 2018, what you get is a combination of a 1798cc four-cylinder petrol engine, a 68kW lithium-ion battery, two electric motors to drive the car that combine to deliver 120bhp @ 5200rpm and torque of 142Nm @ 3600rpm.

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