New powerlines may have to be dug up for outer bypass

There are concerns new power line cables and poles that were installed in Bearna this week will have to be dug up again in a few years because they are located along the footprint of a proposed new road.

Locals are shocked that ESB powerlines have been put-in on Tuesday of this week along the path of the proposed Galway City Ring Road, commonly referred to as the new bypass.

A handful of poles, and cables, have been connected to a new dwelling house that has just been built where the townlands of Clochscoilte and Truskey West meet along the Bearna to Moycullen Road.

It is understood the poles and cables are within the footprint of the new ring road, and traverse a proposed new roundabout.

“How can you be allowed to put in poles and cables along the route of the proposed road, and where the new roundabout is supposed to be going,” asked one resident.

“The route of the new road has been known for some time now and residents have been informed of the buffer zone. It doesn’t make sense that there is a freeze on land within this buffer zone, and yet just this week they were laying cables and erecting ESB poles. They’ve laid them where the new road and new roundabout is going to be.

“It would make a lot more sense to put these cables and poles outside of the buffer zone, and away from the planned road. What will end up happening is we’ll have to pay for this on the double – somebody is going to have to pay for the cables and poles to be put-in again, somewhere else, when the new road is in, and will they have to pay compensation as well?”

Arup, the consultancy working on the road project on behalf of the lead-agent, Galway County Council, has been made aware of the concerns.

In response to queries from the Galway City Tribune, Arup indicated that there is no ‘blanket restriction’ on development within the buffer zone.

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