New Nissan Micra is a vast improvement on its predecessor

The new Nissan Micra.
The new Nissan Micra.

By any visual inspection, the new Nissan Micra is a vast improvement on the car that it replaced earlier this year.

More stark is the giant strides that this car has made in terms of performance and drivability.

True, the last model was a bit of a disappointment as Nissan, in their wisdom decided to keep it small in the expectation that customers would continue to subscribe to the notion that small was better. While all others in this segment were making their cars bigger, Nissan fell behind and suffered in the forecourts as a result.

Now, in a complete reversal of this policy, Nissan have produced something more akin to the norm and are benefittin from that change of heart. The new model is a far cry from what went before with a much more modern look, more space and a far better car to drive.

Indeed, there are those who suggest that the new Micra is now ahead of many of its rivals, or at least just as good. I agree and now that that the horse has been put back in its stable things are looking up again for the Micra.

A wide range of bright colours, a floating roof line and blacked-out rear pillars, sharp lines and a wedge shape make it stand out. There is also a vast array of interior colour combinations to suit every taste giving it an individuality all of its own.

Under the bonnet of my test car this week Nissan offers a small 899c engine that will surprise many by its liveliness and low cost of running. Don’t be put off by the size of the engine with its small capacity. It is turbocharged and is more capable than you would think. In fact, in my view, it is a better option than their bigger 1.0-litre or 1.5-litre diesel versions in every respect.

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