New musical adventure from multi-talented Keith

Slow Place Like Home.
Slow Place Like Home.

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From rural Donegal, Slow Place Like Home bring their off-kilter but intriguing soundscapes to Róisín Dubh on Thursday next, November 30. The project, blending electronic and rock, is the brainchild of composer, producer and performer Keith Mannion. In concert Slow Pace Like Home are a three-piece with Kieran Patton on bass and Seán Reynolds on drums and percussion.

“We conceived it over the last two years,” Keith says of the outfit. “It was always an experiment to see how we could transform these sounds [from studio] to stage. Luckily Kieran is also a sound engineer. So, we’ve reworked it – we’re working with in-ear monitors, which is a big change.

“We all have a little area on the stage. There are drums and percussion at the back – far away from our microphones, because he’s a heavy hitter,” he observes of Seán. “He’s a rock drummer. But he’s learning as he goes, he’s reconditioning himself!”

Keith has previously played with national and international acts including, Dan Deacon, Squarepusher, Perfume Genius, Kate Boy, Moodoïd, Glass Animals, Ulrich Schnauss and Pantha Du Prince.

With Slow Place Like Home, he plays synthesisers and guitar and he sings. It’s taken a while, but he believes the band are getting the sound right.

“We’ve been together for that long now that it’s kind of gelled,” he says. “It’s quite contained. I bring in the compositions and give the others their pieces. We rattle them a bit and then see how they come together. It’s taken a while to perfect, especially this record. You never perfect it, but we’ve spent a whole year at it – if you’re not good, then it’s not for the want of trying!”

The latest Slow Place Like Home record is called When I See You… Ice Cream.  The music takes a few listens, but the album is a grower. Does the name Keith gave the project reflect the  nature of the music he makes?

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