New Mondeo HEV has the best of both worlds

The new Ford Mondeo HEV.
The new Ford Mondeo HEV.

With the focus of most car makers swinging towards better solutions for the environment, more and more of them are coming up with alternative power sources.

Now Ford has joined the ‘gold rush’ with the first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), the Mondeo HEV. It arrived in Ireland last week and it is a car that is the logical addition to the Mondeo range.

The new Mondeo HEV is based on a 4-door body style with a 2.0 litre 187PS automatic transmission petrol powertrain in either Titanium or Vignale series. The car (Titanium) has a transaction price of €32,745 (including a promotional launch discount and VRT rebate). The transaction price for the Mondeo HEV Vignale is from €35,280.

Ford chiefs believe that Hybrid Electric Vehicles are the most popular of the ‘electric’ models available as they neatly bridge the gap between traditional internal combustion engines and electric motors without the ‘range anxiety’ that some motorists feel in relation to ‘full electric’ vehicles.

Making up the combination of electric motor and engine, the new Mondeo Hybrid uses the third-generation Ford petrol-electric hybrid system that delivers the efficiency and refinement benefits of an electric powertrain in many driving scenarios while maintaining the driving range and freedom offered by a traditional combustion engine.

Two electric motors are used in the hybrid system – one to support the petrol engine in driving the wheels and another to enable regenerative charging to the 1.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, located behind the rear seats. The Mondeo Hybrid’s high voltage electric system is designed to working-life standards similar to Ford’s traditional combustion engines and transmissions.

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