The new-look Toyota Corolla delivers the complete driving package

The new Toyota Corolla
The new Toyota Corolla

Back in September, Toyota Ireland announced the launch of the new Corolla. The Corolla name has been with us since the brand first came to Ireland in over 50 years ago. So much has changed since and the Corolla for 2017 is a completely different car from any we have ever known.

Corolla owners have never had many complaints over the years and now the sizeable number of drivers of Toyota’s most popular model can enjoy a new sleek look, the legendary reliability and durability that is unvarying and a host of new technology synonymous with modern motoring.

There are so many positives to report after a week and 1,300 kilometres in the Corolla. Aside from the slender new look, the interior too is a very pleasant place to be. The seating is comfortable and supportive, a good driving position is easily attained, and the car – as per every one before it – is simple to drive with a light touch and a fault-free build quality.

You also get the Toyota Touch multimedia platform, which comes with a larger 7” screen and a 4.2” Colour TFT information screen within the dash display. I have said it before and it is worth saying it again: this is the least complicated and most user-friendly system in any car today. You also get cruise control, climate control, Bluetooth, rear view camera, heated seats, rear privacy glass and 17” alloys.

From a driving point of view, there is only one drawback. It is still too light overall especially on the open road and on the motorway when the wind is strong. Other than that, the steering is subtle and accurate, although you do have to hold on to it in blustery conditions.

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