New homes approved in Oranmore despite residents’ concerns

A computer-generated image of the development.

A residential development has been given the green light in Oranmore – despite residents’ concerns about the lack of public amenities.

Galway County Council has granted planning permission for the 22 house and apartment development at an already heavily populated Oranhill, along with a commercial unit that could be used as a café or crèche.

But when the planning application was lodged to the Council, local residents made submissions saying that it was essential that accessible facilities and a community hub be provided as part of the development.

And local Councillor Martina Kinane also made a submission saying that the Oranhill residents feel greatly let down by Galway County Council.

She said that the area has been developed in an ad-hoc manner and without the provision of a much-needed neighbourhood centre.

The Fianna Fail councillor said that the existing residents have, on many occasions, made submissions seeking the provision of community facilities including a playground and playing pitch but they had been unsuccessful in this regard.

However, planning permission has been granted to Edmonton Developments Limited for the development of an existing infill and brownfield site to provide for 22 residential units and one commercial unit.

There were eight submissions to Galway County Council, mainly from local residents, about the proposed development with most calling for community facilities to be provided.

It was stated that this is one of the last major infill sites in Oranhill, Oranmore, and if community facilities are not provided, it will be ‘a tragically lost opportunity’.

Residents called for a neighbourhood centre to be provided as part of the development as well as the provision of recreational and amenity facilities to be developed on the site.

“The density of the proposed development could be deemed to be excessive on a city centre site. In an urban periphery like the site in question with no public transport and few amenities, it is beyond reason and completely out of line with the local area plan.

“Due to the lack of any public transport and the inability for any public transport provider to safely access the area, all dwellings will require cars and car parking.

“The parking provisions in this application are unsuitable, are likely to exacerbate existing safety issues at junctions in the area and exacerbate issues in relation to congestion,” it was stated in submissions to Galway County Council.

The developers stated in a request for further information that the site has remained in a dishevelled, underutilised and brownfield condition for over 12 years and was an eyesore locally.

They say that a neighbourhood centre for Oranhill was not defined anywhere in the local area plan for Oranmore but that there was the potential for such a facility to be provided at this location.