New electric car from Hyundai is closer to its charge ability than many of its rivals

The new Hyundai Kona.
The new Hyundai Kona.

Range anxiety has been the major concern for those thinking of buying an electric car over the years. Figures on how far electric models will go on a full charge have been creeping up if you rely on the figures published by car makers.

It should be noted that, in pretty much all cases, the advertised range figures generally don’t stack up to real-life returns. Motorway driving at motorway speeds will visibly gobble up the charge at twice or three times the rate as city driving.

Each added use of any electrical function draws from the batteries and lowers that range significantly. Even something as simple as the wipers, radio, and air conditioning, will reduce the overall range.

One car maker that has joined the mix recently with rather impressive results is Hyundai. Their electric offering, the Kona Electric, gets a lot closer to where we need to be in terms of range and is creating a bit of a stir in the market.

Without going too much into the details, the car itself is derived from their compact SUV with a few image details that differentiates it from the regular car. Thanks to a huge 64kW battery, the Kona challenges bigger, far more expensive cars like Tesla and Jaguar for range in a single charge.

About 440km is the claimed figure, and testing in everyday conditions and driving it normally, I returned 285km which is a figure that most people could live with on a daily basis.

That range is dependent on the driving style, which doesn’t have to be overly aggressive to affect the distance you get, especially on a longer journey. Add a few extra passengers, and the effect becomes very noticeable too.

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